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Banksy in trouble with the royalty issue

Famous street artist Banksy continues to have copyright issues because of hiding his identity.

Banksy lost his second trademark lawsuit against his famous monkey artefact.

Banksy does not sell photos or copies of his work, but Art Auctioneers are trying to sell his graffiti. This resulted in Banksy's second trademark case against the famous monkey work.

On the opposite side of the case was Full-Color Black Limited, the company that publishes and sells greeting cards of the British artist's work.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office recently announced that the trademark is invalid. According to the verdict, the person to blame is Banksy. Apart from this, another reason why the decision seems against the artist is that his identity is unclear.

Due to Banksy's anonymity, the court ruled that he could not protect his artwork under copyright laws. This decision of the European Union may cause more serious losses for the artist.

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